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Tiche Synergia: Opening | ARTIFACTURAL di Naomi Muirhead

Tiche Synergia e Creative People in Florence sono lieti di presentare ARTIFACTURAL, un’installazione di Naomi Muirhead di art925. Artifactural è un’installazione site-specific di oggetti vintage (righelli in legno, scatole di latta, quadranti di orologi, libri antichi) che provenendo dalla collezione dell’artista, fungono da ispirazione per tutti i gioielli art925.

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Yesterday successfully started Art of Repair

A big thank you to all the participants from yesterday’s workshop, we can't wait to share with you all some photos of “second-life” items and present to you the creatives responsible for them.  Yesterday successfully started Art of Repair, a cycle of free workshops on repairing and upcycling for residents in Florence. This is an initial venture of combining local artists and artisans into the Circular Economy by tiche synergia in collaboration with Creative People in Florence. The purpose is to introduce the participants to the principles of the Circular Economy and allow them to give a second life to worn-out or broken personal objects through artistic intervention. In the first workshop, the textile artist Margherita Pandolfini of La Serra...

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Spring Breeze by MK Textile Atelier, 11a textiles & Nicla D’Angelo

Tiche synergia is pleased to announce Spring Breeze, an exhibition by textile artists Margherita Pandolfini and Karl Jorns of La Serra MK-Textile Atelier in collaboration with textile and pattern designer Claudia Nenci of 11a Textiles and embroidery artist Nicla D’Angelo of Nicla Textiles. Opening on May 15 at the Tiche Atelier, the exhibition features their new capsule collection of eight hand-dyed, hand-printed and hand-decorated kimonos, inspired by nature and their shared philosophy of sustainability, high-level craftsmanship, unity and creating unique pieces.

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