Tiche Synergia: Bounty by Rachel Beagley

Tiche Synergia: Bounty by Rachel Beagley

Opening September 3, 3-8pm

Via San Zanobi 122r (map)

On view through September 16

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm


Following up on the launch of Tiche Synergia back in July, we are so excited to present the next project in this series highlighting local artisans and designers: Bounty, an installation by designer Rachel Beagley of New Kid. A rich textural landscape of plants and textiles draws the viewer into a space of lush, tactile details and contrasting accents of vivid color and soft earth tones. Even though the plants have long since lost their natural bloom, the impact is one of late-summer abundance. The brittle stems of dried flowers, sticks and grasses have been reinforced by the meticulous work of wrapping each piece with hand-dyed threads, restoring their physical strength as they envelop the space. Likewise the delicate petals and leaves are painted exuberant, saturated colors, evoking a fresh vibrancy that references the color palettes and dying techniques of recent New Kid collections.

Bounty also incorporates a new collection of shoes developed for Tiche Synergia which will be on sale in limited numbers throughout the exhibition.

New Kid shoes are designed in Florence and produced locally in small family-run factories with attention to craftsmanship and fit. The small clothing collection is made using ethically sourced, hand dyed fabrics in inclusive shapes and sizes.

Tiche Synergia, a collaboration between Tiche and Creative People in Florence is a new multi-faceted project highlighting contemporary craftsmanship, design and photography in Florence. The spacious new atelier of the fashion brand Tiche will host a series of Florence-based artisans and designers, who will present site-specific installations using the materials and objects of their craft, alongside a special selection of works and products in conversation with the recent collections and mission of Tiche. Tiche Synergia invites the artisans and photographers to reframe the objects of their craft as works of art, looking beyond their value as commercial products, offering a space for experimentation, research and innovation.

The Greek goddess of luck and chance, Tiche is also the protectress of cities and fortune, which perhaps holds a new resonance in the changing and often-unpredictable landscape of our current times. Emphasizing the opportunity for growth, experimentation and renewal, the project’s title, Tiche Synergia in fact reflects its central aims: to spark new ideas and connections between the artisans and designers of the city, and to envision the future of the city as one of innovation and collaboration.