For us, sustainability is an ongoing journey. It is a commitment we make every day through the many decisions we make as a business. Each decision, no matter how small, contributes towards an economy and society which values people, animals and nature.

We realize we have a long way to go and we face new challenges every day, but we will continue working on our commitment to be a responsible fashion business focused on designing and making products which maintain their quality and relevance over time.


Sustainability starts with making conscious decisions to create products that last a long time both in their craftsmanship and design. We are not interested in creating products that promote a short lived trend. For every product we make we carefully consider the aesthetic, quality, functionality and sustainability attributes of the materials we source. Most of are designs are only made of natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, wool and viscose.


You can help your garments last longer and reduce their environmental impact by caring from them properly. We encourage our customers to:

- Wash your clothes less (spot clean wherever possible)

- Wash on low temperatures (on 30 degrees or less)

- Avoid tumble drying

- Iron less (hang your clothes to dry)

- Only dry clean when absolutely necessary and use an eco-friendly service

- Repair and keep your garments (please contact us if you have any questions)